On-Call Repairs

We work with our customers to develop criteria guidelines for the vetting of after-hours “emergency” calls, determining whether or not their reefers require an immediate response. In all cases, the priority is to maintain and protect our customers’ cargo and to ensure that any time sensitive deadlines are met. In many cases however, identifying the need for service by confirming specific criteria, reduces and often eliminates unnecessary after-hours call-outs.

We are also available for pre-sailing inspection of your refrigerated containers at any of the ports in Vancouver.

Hiway has factory trained mechanics to support all the major container refrigeration products –Carrier, Daikin, Starcool and Thermo King. With that technical capability, we are the authorized warranty service centre for not only the Carrier products, but also Star Cool and Daikin. We also serve as the Canadian parts distribution for Daikin.