Our Mission and Values



To excel in the distribution and support of temperature-managed transportation equipment, parts and related services. We will strive to fulfill the needs and goals of the stakeholders in our business – customers, employees, owners, and suppliers.


– Quality

We endeavor to do things in the best way they can be done, by keeping a relentless focus on quality and excellence in all of our activities.

Quality begins with protecting the health and safety of our people, which is realized through a culture in which safety is recognized as a shared responsibility.

We will continuously seek opportunities to improve cost efficiencies and responsiveness to the customer by learning new skills and better ways of doing things.

– Initiative

The strength of our business is determined by the performance of our people. We aim to have our people take the initiative to perform better than any of our competitors, both as individuals and as a team, in everything they do.

We will foster an environment in which employees are actively engaged in the development of business solutions for our stakeholders.

– Dependability

Those who interact with our organization will come to rely on our dependability if we act in a fair and honest manner, do what is right, and do what we say. This may not always lead to an immediate benefit to us, but it will build long term value in our stakeholder relationships.

– Integrity

We will never compromise our integrity and will always act in a socially responsible and ethical way. Our people will treat others as they themselves should expect to be treated, with dignity and respect.